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Handheld spot welder with 6 gears adjustable power for precise welding during battery repair, 3GOA portable spot welder uses a high-multiplier lithium battery as the power supply, mainly used for welding of nickel sheets of cylindrical batteries such as 18650. This 650A DIY soldering machine can be used to solder the battery protection board when replacing the battery.


1. High power lithium battery
2. 40cm welding pen cable for more flexible operation
3. Level 1 to level 6, adjustable 6-level power for more precise soldering
4. Automatically thermal protection.
5. 67000mAh battery with capacity indicator to show the percentage
6. Thickened pure copper overflow strip
7. Type-C 2A charging.
8. Suitable for 18650 nickel cadmium battery, nickel sheet of cylindrical battery, NI-MH battery, nickel-hydrogen batteries, etc.


1. Power on/off:

– Press and hold the power button for two seconds in the shutdown state, the light goes on and the device turns on.

– Press and hold the power button for two seconds in the power-on state, the light goes off and the device shuts down.

2. Switch output mode:

The welding output is started after the device is turned on, and the output mode can be switched by pressing the power button once. There are two output modes available:

– Automatic output: The spot welding pen is automatically detected and outputs once when both welding pens are detected to have touched the metal.

– Manual mode: press manual spot welding button for one second, the spot welding pen will be output once.



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