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BY-3200S Cable For Macbook Charging Board Repair For Single Board Boot System Type-C/T-Style/L-Style Connector Charging Cable


Features & Functions

·Support MacBook models from 2008-2022, 3 Types of power cable (T-style, L-style, Type-C)

   MacBook  Pro (13.3”/15.4”/16” )

    A1297  A1278  A1286  A1502  A1425  A1398  A1706  A1707  

    A1708  A1989  A1990  A2159  A2141  A2289  A2251  A2338

   MacBook  Air (11”/13.3”) 

    A1370  A1369  A1465  A1466  A1932  A2179  A2337  

   MacBook  (12”)


BY-3200 3 In 1 Power Cable


·Support start-up and enter into the system with motherboard only can solve the no start-up issue which is caused by the BATLOW# signal abnormal

    (15.4” and 16” model with T2 chip models also supported)


·Support the latest models with T2 or M1 chip to fast charge and enter into the system with motherboard only

   (15.4″ and 16″ can start-up with a single board, no need to buckle the battery)


·Support read the current value from DC power supply, which is convenient for MacBook repair troubleshooting


· With Intelligent and Comprehensive Protections

    Overcharge protection

    Overcurrent protection

    Overvoltage protection

    Constant temperature protection

    Short circuit protection


Different Interfaces for Different MacBook Models

L-Interface for 2008-2011 MacBooks

  • MacBook 11″ / 13.3″ / 15.4″ / 17″
  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro


T-Interface for 2012-2015 MacBooks

  • MacBook 11″ / 13.3″ / 15.4″
  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro


Type-C Interface for 2015-2022 MacBooks

  • MacBook 12″ / 13.3″ / 15.4″ / 16″
  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro

(Note: Accepts fast charging of tablets and phones with Type-C interfaces, check current with a power meter to fix faults.)



  • 3 digital LCD display the motherboard input voltage  (* When using L-style or T-style cable, the ON/OFF switch can be used to control the voltage display or no display)
  • Power cable length: 1m
  • Input voltage: 20~21V DC
  • Max Input Current: 20A
  • Support 30W/45W/61W/65W/85W/87W/96W fast charge


BAIYI BY-3200 Power Cable


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