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Enhanced version BGA-IC adhesive solution S-60 also can help you to remove all kind of mobile phone frame sealing glue easily.

This product can be use to soften and remove the underfiller of mobile phone FC BGA chip and CPU chip. It’s made of the chemicals from DuPont. The formula of it is latest environmental friendly and safest. It has good permeability, it can quickly soften and loosens solidfied resin adhesive such as phenolics, epoxy, acrylate, polyurethane, organosilicon. It does not do harm to circuit board and component.


Cover the BGA chip with the absorbent cotton which is dipped full of the adhesive solution, and then put the BGA chip into a small plastic bag and seal the plastic bag up, after 20 mints repeat the process, remove the BGA chip with needle-like tool after the adhesive is softened. Keep it on the cool place and avoid direct sunlight.


Avoid product touches skin and eyes, if they contact accidentally, please wash the skin or eyes with amount of water immediately, please seal the cap of the bottle after use it for fear that effect would be undermined because of the volatilization. Please open carefully for the gas inside.

Package Content*

1x MECHANIC S-60 BGA IC Glue Remover Liquid ( 20 ML )



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