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  • Easy to use.
  • The air flow linear regulator, mains air flow can be kept stable when there is a change, the double vortex rotating wind, the wind gentle, there is no impact.
  • Heating express, three seconds to reach the set temperature, the temperature of the liquid crystal display, intelligent sensors, automatic cooling, delay shutdown.
  • Blow welding with plastic components, ringer, insert the end of the inline blocks and other non-deformation, blow welding circuit board not sparkling.
  • Demolition of the shield does not change color.
  • Blowing BGA chip easily broken.
    Closed loop sensor: Temperature can be controlled by zero voltage triggering mode.
  • Large power and rapid heating: Temperature can be conveniently adjusted and the temperature is accurate and stable, and not affected by airflow.
  • Step less airflow adjusting with wide range: Temperature can be conveniently adjusted.
  • Sensitive electromagnetic inductor in handleEnsures the unit beginning working immediately so long as the handle is held. when handle is put on the holder, The system will return back to standby mode.
  • Automatic cooling system: Can increase the life of heating element and protect the unit.
  • Compact unit takes up little space on the workbench.
  • QUICK 857DW+ Lead Free Adjustable Hot Air Heat Gun With Helical Wind 580W
  • Linear air volume adjustment, mains have change the air volume can be stable, double vortex spinning wind, the wind is soft, no impact.
  • Express of temperature, 3 seconds to reach the set temperature, temperature of liquid crystal display (LCD), intelligent sensor, automatic cooling.
  • Delay shutdown.
  • Welding with plastic components, ringer, such as the tail inserted inline deformation, welding circuit board no bubbles.
  • Shield does not change color.
  • BGA chip is not easy to break.



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