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  • Relife RL-423-UV Lead-Free No-Clean Flux Phone Repair Special Solder Paste Solder Oil Soldering Paste For BGA Reball Chip Welding
  • The Lead Free Solder Paste had transparent residue and low solder ball rate, and excellent wetting ability on PCB.
  • Asia General Series no clean Lead Free Solder Paste were developed according to IPC and JIS standards, and completely coinciding with RoHS directives.
  • Our pastes are composed of environment-friendly flux and low oxidation spherical powder, which were characterized by long continuous repeatability printing time, high print definition, excellent solderability, and bright and smooth solder joint.
  • Special formulation designs deliver excellent rheology and high viscosity retention ability even after extended open time.
  • The wide reflow process window of our products is designed to minimize transition concerns from tin-lead to lead free solder paste.
  • With near transparent and no corrosion residue, our pastes gurantees high surface insulation resistance and offers high in-circuit pin test Usage: Phone repair, PC BGA, Electronics welding, soldering.
  • Main ingredients: imported rosin, high component thixotropic agent, antioxidant, stroma and surfactants.
  • The flux is a drip type antioxidant lead-free disposable flux, belong to high components flux, is a kind of syringe viscidity flux for soldering, can be used with the welding and rework station. Greatly improve the welding efficiency.
  • No corrosive, non-conductive, transparent.
  • Viscidity flux, less liquidity, it will not cross flow on the PCB.
  • No irritant smell good ability of infiltration utility persistent no residue.
  • Can be used for implantation of BGA ball and chip components welding.
  • Meets J-STD-004B standard



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