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1. Suitable for 5S-11 Pro Max & SAM

2. Flexible FPC soft cable, not easy to fall off when connected with the motherboard, not easy to break, durable, easy to operate.

3. Built-in original IC data, Solve the problem of standby restart of Apple’s series mobile phone power cords, solve the problem of high temperature when powering on a mobile phone; support 6-8/8P/X  power display.

4. Add trigger probe: the trigger probe can be used instead of a tweezer to start the system. It is convenient and quick to power on a mobile phone which can totally replace the traditional method of tweezers.

5. USB expansion interface: USB expansion interface, to facilitate the follow-up upgrade, the mainline could handle 10A current. Red and black power clip can pass 3A current to solve the problem caused by too large a current so that it would automatically power off, and it would also protect the phone when taking photos using an ordinary power line.



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